Master, Adv. TC (TCA) Winter Term:
»Quantum Mechanics, Approximation Theory, and Many-Body Objects«

Lecture Contents:

  • Lecturer: Michael Hanrath
  • Assistant: Nils Herrmann
  1. Quantum mechanics I: experiments
    1. spin sorting machine, double slit
    2. fail of classical physics
  2. Linear algebra
    1. group, field, linear space, scalar product, function space
    2. (vector) representations, approximations, Fourier transformation
    3. operators, operator representations
    4. eigen basis, eigenfunction approximation, variance
    5. matrices and operators
    6. linear transformations: mirror, rotation, scale, shere, SO(3), O(3)
  3. Quantum mechanics II: mathematical description
    1. postulates, time propagation (Schrödinger equation)
    2. measurement projection, eigenfunction expansion, expectation value
    3. spin, SU(2)
  4. Many body systems
    1. particle types, product ansatz, anti-symmetry
    2. configuration interaction (CI), Hartree-Fock (HF)
    3. 1- and 2-density(matrices)
    4. density functional theory

Please note that the lecture contents of TCA in winter and summer terms differ. The winter term’s subjects are more fundamental and basic.

If you are free (of scheduling issues) to choose I recommend attending the winter term’s lecture. However, the summer term’s lecture is self contained and may be attended independently. Both lectures are (offline) mostly black board type lectures. In the winter semester there is also a number of computer animated illustrations.

In any case you should have a theoretical interest and no reservations about math...

Many students before attended one term as TCA and the other as S-module.

See also: TCA in the summer term