July 2019

10thTalk:Parse me if you can - Peeking into the land of plentySaschaBubeck

June 2019

26th13:00Talk:Theoretical Studies on NADPH and its oxidized form NADP+XiaoyanCao

May 2019

29th13:00R 413Talk:How to Understand and Modify Emission Properties of Coinage Metal Complexes.JelenaFöller (Düsseldorf)
15thDefense:ScfMP method for the generation of local virtual domains in the environment of the Incremental SchemeIlyasTürkmen

April 2019

24thTalk:Geometry Optimization using Numeric GradientsMaximilianMörchen
24thTalk:Implementation of the Tailored Coupled Cluster approachMaximilianMörchen

January 2019

30thTalk:Structural, electronic, UV-vis absorption, and nonlinear optical properties of Actinides motexafins ([An-Motex]2+, An = Ac, Cm, Lr) and its hydrated complexesXiaojunLi
23rdTalk:Spin Adapted and Spin Complete Open Shell CC for Arbitrary Spin States – Reference Implementation and Preliminary ResultsNilsHerrmann
16thTalk:Some aspects of the Modelpotential method regarding molecules.IlyasTürkmen
9thTalk:Energy-consistent relativistic ab initio pseudopotentials for lanthanides. Some preliminary results.MichaelDolg

December 2018

11thTalk:(GdCh Christmas Kolloquium)XiaoyanCao
5thTalk:Zur numerischen Lösung der nuklearen Schrödingergleichung: Vergleich von analytischen & numerischen IntegrationsmethodenNikolasNowak

November 2018

15th14:00hOC 413Talk:My first year with the CPP and the QOLSaschaBubeck
14thTalk:On the Nature of Connectivity: R-Scaling of Tensors, Diagrams and N-ScalingMichaelHanrath

October 2018